Spring Break ’99! Viva la Minnesota!

So it’s official.  I’ll be kicking off this Spring Break ’99 in the all to common vacation destination of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Now I know what you’re asking yourself: Why would Allan, being the contrarian I know he  is, head to such a well trodden spring break destination?  What could get him to brave the hordes, the lines at the airport, the Bachanal chaos that is the Twin Cities?

In short?  The Boss.

. . . and my good friends Emma, Luke, and Shata (though Luke contends that Shata won’t be my friend officially until they get married and the rules of common property kick in).  Last week Emma had an extra floor ticket to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the Xcel Center.  Luke lives in Minneapolis.  I did the math and linked them up.  Despite Luke’s claims to have little interest in Springsteen (“I’ve never been much of a Boss aficionado”) the concert was a success.  Luke’s email header from the day after?  “Bruce Springsteen changed my life.”  Luke is not known for his earnestness, but I think it’s safe to take this as something close to face value.  Secondary reports support his good time — Shata:  He said he was dancing and singing — and good times in general.

Luke and Emma noticed signs announcing a 3/16 show with the upshot being Luke, Emma, Shata, and I furiously hitting refresh on the Ticketmaster website this morning.  Emma and I both got the old Ticketmaster pump-fake as our check outs were interrupted by error notices.  Luke and Shata, however, both scored tickets!

The upshot?  I’m ditching daiquiris for St. Paulie Girl and the most bitching concert I expect to see.  Ever.


One response to “Spring Break ’99! Viva la Minnesota!

  1. You forgot to mention that the show inspired me to grow a soul patch, just like Bruce.

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