Christian McBride Band Tickets – Get’em While They’re Hot!

[Update:  Day of show corrected.  The concert is on Saturday,  not Friday]

Below is a brief recounting of my introduction to Jazz in general and Christian McBride specifically. If you’re just interested in the tickets skip down to the “Ticket Info” heading below.

So my Christian McBride Band tickets for this Friday were born a long time ago in a city called Poughkeepsie or maybe a town called Poughquag. That was where I went for saxophone lessons with the most excellent Steve K. who I believe was in a polka band. Don’t get me wrong, the man was a serious sax teacher. I wasn’t bad when I got to him, but when he was done with me I was on my way to NYSSMA – don’t knock it, it was probably my greatest musical achievement prior to, dare I say it, the year that my marching band performed selections from Gustav Holst‘s The Planets (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter I believe). Anyway, as a parting gift he gave me a CD by Joe Henderson, Lush Life: The Music of Billy Strayhorn (incidentally, I think Strayhorn might be one of the greatest Jazz last names I’ve ever heard). I was obsessed with the disc for a time and started to keep a casual eye out for the other musician’s in addition to Henderson, including one Christian McBride on bass. Thus when I got the CU Arts email letting me know that the Christian McBride Band would be here on December 1st with seven dollar tickets, I knew I had to go.

Unfortunately the date turns out to coincide with my friends’ engagement party so the tickets are up for grabs. See below on how to get them.

Ticket Info

So these 2 tickets, normally $25 a piece, are $7 dollars for Columbia University Students. I’ll just be looking to pass them on to someone for face value ($14). I’d prefer to give them away to CU students, students, and the general public in that order. If you’re interested just leave a comment on the blog that you’re interested and the site should have you enter an email address (which will not be visible on the site) and I’ll contact you so we can make arrangements to get you the tickets. If you missed the link to the details above, the show information is:

The Christian McBride Band, Friday  Saturday, December 1, 8:00 p.m. – Columbia’s Miller Theater


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