Nous Non Plus!

FYI – Nous Non Plus at Mercury Lounge this Thursday (opening for The Little Death which is either Moby‘s band or somehow associated with Moby or something). Anyway, NNP are the reigning faux French band in the city. Go and find out why. You can thank me later.


One response to “Nous Non Plus!

  1. So The Little Death rocked this show pretty hard. They feature Moby on bass (and sometimes on guitar) with bass, drums, a downhome bluesy lead singer and two back-up singers. The vibe is very hard blues in what I thought was a Led Zeppelin kind of vibe.

    Not all of Moby’s fans could appreciate this sound, as evidenced by the young woman who repeatedly yelled in my ear, “Moby, why are you doing this? Moby, I don’t understand! Why are you doing this?” No receiving an answer from Moby, the woman resorted to just screaming at the top of her lungs in desperation. Luckily, this lasted no longer than five minutes.

    Nous Non Plus did their standard set.

    The opening act, Rails to Russia, put on a solid show: young kids with a lot of energy. The guitarist placed himself at the risk of great physical damage for our entertainment.

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