A Cold December

A recent visit to my new favorite tour date website, tourfilter, confirmed my past experience regarding live Alt-Country and Americana shows in New York City. Basically, I noticed that there’s  an incredible number of excellent shows from summer into fall in the city with October and November being particularly rich. I suppose this isn’t any big surprise. New York is large enough to support these niche genres and presumably the artists would prefer to be here before it gets cold as sin and slushy as something that’s slushy. Even the Two Man Gentlemen Band (who recently pre-released their 3rd record – “Heavy Petting”) are eschewing their usual Tuesday gigs for a tour which is good for them.  Still, it’s bad news for me. Sadly, they don’t make a lamp for this type of seasonal affective disorder. Recently through some friends, however, I’ve become more aware of the local folk scene which will hopefully get me through these hard times.

A brief note on Tourfilter (link above): While I’ve found it to not be quite as thorough as pollstar, which seems to operate at some sort of pre-cognitive speed, it does send you emails and allow you to set up an RSS feed to let you know when you’re chosen performers come to town. I have the no budget, no staff operation to thank for quite a few excellent shows recently.


3 responses to “A Cold December

  1. Try looking for decent acts of any sort that are coming to Minneapolis in December, January, or February . . .

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