What I’m Listening to This Week – Beta

  Delphia, Chris, and Emma have been regular recipients of my Pop Country and Not So Pop Country series since I left Louisiana in 2004.  Recently, Delphia suggested that I use the blog to create some sort link to Amazon or iTunes with musical suggestions and what not.   It looks like wordpress might frown on this practice and so I’m looking into the possibility of setting up some sort of plug-in that will allow streaming of mp3 files.  In the mean time try to look into the following.  In most cases these songs should be taken as a suggestion that you look into the artists, or at least albums, they come from.  Below is the “in the works version” of Not So Pop Country – Volume VI: Discoveries from WSGE and More.  I’ll annotate where appropriate but some of these are going to appear on my New Year’s mix (with apologies to the great Matt since the New Year’s album is his idea which I am unabashedly stealing).

  1. Old Dominion (Live) – Eddie from Ohio on Three Rooms
  2. Feel Alright – Steve Earle on I Feel Alright – I first caught this song on the first season of NBC’s Friday night lights.  It’s more refined than his stuff on Guitar Town which is amazing from start to finish but awesome nonetheless.
  3. Rattle My Cage – The Red Stick Ramblers on Bring it on Down – Inspiring the blog of the same name.  It’s off their first album but somehow I never listened to it, forsaking it most often for 16 Tons or the beautiful When the Sugar Cane’s Tall.  Heart wrenching vocals.
  4. Oh, Girl – Hackensaw Boys on Look Out – A find from WSGE.  And yes, she is avoiding you.
  5. Night Rider’s Lament – Nanci Griffith on Other Voices, Other Rooms – I was discussing Amos Lee’s cover of John Prine’s Speed of the Sound of Loneliness and he mentioned covers this album of the same name as the Truman Capote collection.  Amos ain’t got nothing on Nanci.
  6. Long Way to Go – Railroad Earth on The Good Life – Another WSGE find.
  7. Walk Away – Tom Waits on Orphans, Brawlers, & Bastards – This came on rotation on the iPod a while back and I’m so glad it did.  The minimal instrumentation, the Waits voice.  It still gives me chills.
  8. Alabama Shamrock – Hackensaw Boys on Love What You Do – Again from WSGE, but as though after they were just listening to the Jayhawks.
  9. Worried Man Blues – George Jones on The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family – WSGE again.  I had never heard this version before.
  10. Long Island Cowboy – Red Molly on Red Molly EP – I stopped singing this one as I walked around and started whistling instead.  Reactions haven’t improved much.
  11. Momsong – The Be Good Tanyas on Blue Horse – I have my friend Tanya (no relation to the band) to thank for turning me on to them and by association Po’ Girl.  Haunting.  Beautiful.  A must.
  12. Go Tell the Savior – Jack Hardy and the Company on Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol 8., No. 6) 1995 Fast Folk Revue-Live at the Bottom Lin – One of his earliest and still my favorite.
  13. Redemption Song – Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros on Streetcore – White man sings Bob.  It’s good.  Really.
  14. Darlin’ Do Not Fear (Rhapsody Edition) – Brett Dennen on Rhapsody Originals (Exclusive) – WSGE – this version is much better than the overproduced album version.
  15. Walkin’ the Floor Over You – Teddy Thompson on Up Front & Down Low – Son of guitar legend Richard Thompson.  Matt turned me on to this album after seeing a show of his.  Classic country done well.

Links to follow.


One response to “What I’m Listening to This Week – Beta

  1. If I could provide a pull-quote for the package of an Allan Roth Pop Country (or Not So) compilation CD it would be “This kicks ass.”

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