WSGE – Music Sage Extraordinaire

When I first moved to NYC from Louisiana I was convinced that one of the local NPR stations, Fordham’s WFUV (Fordham University Voice) was a radio station that I could have done the programming for.  They played all my favorites from the Old 97‘s to Johnny Cash, introduced me to quite a bit of folk, including John Prine (check out “The Glory of True Love”), some gospel, and even some more “adult” sounds like Bruce Hornsby.  I was convinced that radio stations just didn’t get any better, especially north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I had no idea how much better it could be.  While googling the lyrics to some song a year or two later I came upon a play list for WSGE, the radio station of Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina.  Whatever the song was, I found it, but even better, I realized that I could just look at any of their play lists and reconstruct hours of WSGE’s programming by pulling up those songs on Rhapsody, my streaming music service and still one of the best deals on the internets.  The thing that’s so amazing about WSGE, is that it hits music I will love, like WFUV, but trolls much wider spectrum of of the music scene for its programming thereby exposing me to so much more of what’s out there.  Sadly, a while back they got a new station manager who ended the practice of posting the play lists online.  Thankfully a WSGE employee let me know that I could go to which is a website that somehow seems to track every song on every radio station and then tries to make money by linking to iTunes (with the stations seeing no revenue from this, unfortunately).  You can see what’s playing on WSGE here.

The best programming on WSGE is the Eclectic Blend which you can catch from 6am to 6pm and at least from 11pm to midnight EST.  Best of all, it streams.

Oh!  And if you need some new music, just check this out!


2 responses to “WSGE – Music Sage Extraordinaire

  1. Mark Amrhein

    Hi Allan —

    Thanks for the tip. Since we have already established that our musical tastes largely overlap, I’ll definitely check it out. I love college radio stations. They are great vehicles for lots of stuff that just does not get played elsewhere. Two of my favorites are WAMU (American University) and WXPN (U. Penn). Both steam on line.

    Let me also offer two commercial radio stations, both of which also stream and are worth checking out if you don’t already know them. KPIG, out of that hotbed of west coast artsy-fartsyism, Santa Cruz, CA ( They have been around forever and have a brilliant play list, as well as a lot of unique, live-from-the-studio stuff.

    Next, KNBT (, out of New Braunfels, TX. It is a tiny, mom and pop station, amateurish in lots of ways, but with a wonderful play list. One of their best offerings is Tuesdays, 7-9 pm (Central time), when Ray Wylie Hubbard hosts Roots and Branches of Americana. He has great guests who perform live with and/or without him. In case you don’t know RWH, he is the guy who wrote “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother” in the 80s, and has spent the next 20 plus years living it down.



  2. I come from the opposite perspecitive In 1969, I was 19 and living in Boston (I spent 48 years there). I was a regular at the free (as in no charge) concerts on the Cambridge Common adjacent to Harvard U. All the biggest names in underground rock and folk regularly appeared here. I grew up with the concept that College radio existed for the Boston Audience. As I would travel occasionally, I would always head for the left hand end of the dial when I was in a new place. That is how it was when i went to Charlotte in 2003 for a short stint as an engineering contractor. I heard this radio station with a show called the Highway 321 Blues Show. Man, take me back…to the days when I discoverd those legends. Freddie King, Albert Collins, Howlin Wolf but even better – I heard people I had never even heard of before. …and not just blues. Well, as my good fortune had it, I ended up moving there 6 months later, Clover, SC. (About as far from Dorchester, MA as the heavens are from the earth). Even as I travel ( I work out of town a lot) I get time to stream…back to those wonderful local on-air people who volunteer there; they, with their accents that bring me home to the only place I want to be.
    I grew up with in site of WUMB, a good radio station, but WSGE…it’s the ONE.

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