You Can’t Sneak Nothing Past William Howard Taft


Heavy Petting, the much anticipated third album from New York’s very own old-timey kazoo blowing duo, The Two Man Gentlemen Band arrived in my mailbox yesterday. A review will follow shortly, I’m sure, but for the time being here’s the track listing:

1. William Howard Taft – A song about the great man’s girth

2. My Baby’s Off the Market

3. The Square Root of Two – “My love is like the square root of two”
4. When Your Lips are Playing My Kazoo – “. . . all I want to do is sing.” Too blue for radio?
5. Heavy Petting
6. The Big Strong Man
7. Unicycle Blues = [Update: Girl meets boy.  Girl rides tandem bicycle with boy.  Girl breaks up with boy and takes her half of the bike.  Boy only has one wheel.]
8. On the Badminton Court – A classic live number from the Gentlemen! Excited to see it here. I recall a pun on shuttle-cock, I believe. [Update: Not a pun.  The line I was thinking of goes something like, “What do you do on the badminton court?”  asks the singer.  “Smack the bird!” replies the full band.]
9. A Gentleman Knows How to Love – [Update: “A lady loves the gentleman because a gentleman knows how to love.”]
10. Dippin’ Sauce – I haven’t gotten here yet, but I’m guessing it’s not about food. [Update:  The chorus? “You ain’t gonna eat my meat without no dippin’ sauce. ”  Needless to say I don’t approve of the grammar.]
11. They Can’t Prohibit Love – [Update: Puns on liquor terms for loving.  Well done, gentlemen!  Well done!]
12. Newtown Creek

One response to “You Can’t Sneak Nothing Past William Howard Taft

  1. Love them.

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