. . . and then I went drinking with the band.

So this past weekend held two musical highlights, only one of which I was fortunate enough to catch. On Thursday the Two Man Gentlemen Band played on the LES and last night the Asylum Street Spankers performed their show, What? And Give Up Show Biz? I was only at the latter, which was awesome in and of itself, but my friend Matt was fortunate enough to catch both. His blog posting about them does more justice than I could, so I’ll just hit some of my personal favorite moments from the ASS show.

The band was seriously tight. As Matt mentions, the starts held instant energy and the stops were on a dime. This was particularly impressive considering that at least one member of the group, such as Korey Simeone (who I was fortunate to randomly meet on an errant 2 train ride on Sunday) on fiddle, had only rejoined the Spankers for their run at the Barrow Street Theatre.

What to say about the content? I loved it. I loved the acapela number about being a soldier that punned through lopping off syllables (“To piss! To piss! Two pistols on my knee . . .” was one of the tamer lines). I loved Christina Marrs’s ability to switch seamlessly from the voice of a New Orleans madame to that of the purest choir girl. I loved it when Wammo played the rubber chicken during his country murder ballad/gangster rap song, “Hick Hop.” I loved when during the rhythm section featured Josh Hoag playing the neck of the bass with his left hand and the main percussionist played the bass strings with his drum sticks. I loved it even more that they did this long enough for Wammo to give Josh a beer and for Josh to chug the entire beer. I loved it when during “Beer” the “Beer Girls” came out deliver cool cans of Bud to the audience. It was a great show.

And then I went drinking with the band.


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