Or as the French say, “Touch!”

My friend Luke, like the patriot he is, is getting married this July 4th to his all-American sweetheart.  Recently Luke asked a bunch of us from college to suggest music from those glory days for the wedding.  It’s brought back a bunch of great memories and, much to my chagrin, this gem from Andrew:

One of my clearest musical memories from E3 was Al saying he couldn’t take Pearl Jam seriously because of Vedder’s ‘ridiculous’ voice, while (as Luke quickly noted) thoroughly enjoying Bob Dylan.

Touch, my friend.  Touch.  Incidentally, the “touch” joke, for those of you who did not live on the third floor of entryway E was but one of many French sayings ruined by their translation into English.  This trend was no doubt set off by the Austin Powers line “what the French call a certain ‘I don’t know what.'”  Personally, I was always a big fan of “cream of the cream.”

Note that Wiley’s pronunciation of “c’est la vie” without keeping the t silent is of an unrelated (and at the time of this blogging) unknown origin.


5 responses to “Or as the French say, “Touch!”

  1. It was uncalled for, sorry about that, good buddy. I was feeling bad about it all afternoon and then I came home and Kristan said it made it on your blog.

    One other memory: Do you remember the Edwin McCain “Honor Among Thieves” album? It’s acoustic guitar and saxophone mostly. I played it a lot of times when I first got it and you said you’d always remember one particular saxophone line. I don’t think picked up on what was probably a subtle hint that I ought throw something else in instead.

    You’ve got a keen ear, glad to see it on display in this forum.

  2. Funny! I was just thinking about him too. I think he’s coming to the city and I saw a poster or got the venue’s email or something. I neither remember the sax line nor the potential hint but I do remember Edwin!

  3. Felt bad? I thought it was hysterical! I now have almost all of Pearl Jam’s studio albums as well. It was about time I ate my words.

  4. Sorry about the lack of “I” and “to” in Andrew’s second to last sentence…I sent the “goons” after him and he was being climbed and crawled on by 2 little girls, which I’m sure wasn’t distracting at all, especially given their love of typing.

  5. The goons are looking adorable, by the way! I caught up on about a month of postings yesterday.

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