Bounty in Winter?


A few years ago they added a milk vending machine stocked with Ronnybrook Farms products to the juice room at the summer camp where I was once a camper and then counselor.  The chocolate milk from that machine was the out of this world: thick, smooth, and just sweet enough.  I was pleased then to see Ronnybrook milk show up at my local grocery store last year (though it was at outrageous prices).  I was even more thrilled to see Pam at the local Columbia green market on Thursdays selling more of it.  She mentioned that she sold a wider variety at the 97th street green market between Amsterdam and Columbus.  I finally started going and above was this week’s bounty.

The market would be worthwhile on its own just for the Ronnybrook milk (and cream and butter and yogurt).  But Dan is also there selling the recently matured Portobello mushrooms you see above.  His oyster mushrooms weren’t there this week but they are among the most beautiful and tasty fungi I’ve ever met.  This makes it a pretty awesome early Friday morning trip.  This time I also opted for some on the cob popping corn.


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