“Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still / Should without eyes see pathways to his will!”

Jenn and I went to see Theater Breaking Through Barriers‘s production of Romeo and Juliet tonight.  It was fantastic.  The entire play was performed with a four-actor cast playing the full range of roles.  Moreover, the show followed the TBTB practice of mixing able-bodied and disabled actors.  George Ashiotis was visually impaired if not fully blind (which it took us a while to figure out thanks to his phenomenal skills and a simple but ingenious physical compass rose on the stage floor) and Gregg Mozgala has cerebral palsy which affects the way he walks but not the way he jumps off the various 3 and 6-foot tiers of the multi-level stage.  The entire cast was particularly versatile with Ashiotis’s switching between the Juliet’s nurse and the priest being particularly well done and amusing.  Also, Emily Young’s Juliet was extremely well executed as was her interpretation of an awkward and foppish Paris.  Both of these pairings led to interesting scenes in which the actors engaged in dialog with themselves.  I have Neil Genzlinger’s brief review in the Times to thank for bringing the show to my attention – and now you have me.  The show runs through April 6th.  Call for tickets.  Now.  212-279-4200


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