Lykke Li – Youth Novels

A friend with more (and apparently better) indie taste than I just introduced me to Lykke Li.  I’ve just given her album, Youth Novels, a listen and I highly recommend it.  Now, if I know Bjork well, and I don’t, it’s as though Bjork and Feist had a Swedish love child.

The album has a pretty wide range of beats and other backing sounds.  While the majority of the album a mostly poppy, electronic feel, Li is definitely comfortable going into more ambient territory, talking over the mood that being established by the background/foundational sounds.

She shines though when she’s working her hook-laden melodies over the more rhythmic foundations.  Good music for relaxing and, I imagine with the right approach, good in concert as well.

Unfortunately, it looks like her October 20th (Music Hall of Williamsburg) and 21st (Bowery Ballroom) shows in the city are already sold out.  On the odds that a reader has an extra ticket, give  a shout in the comments section.


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