Reveal Yourself Silent Rogue, and Receive Thy Prize

So I haven’t been the most prolific blogger as of late.  I figure that I’ve got until the Rattle My Cage 2008 New Year’s Mix goes out to cover everything, but mostly I’ve just been busy or lazy.  Anyway, despite posting relatively infrequently since March, I’ve had a steady traffic per day (a measly ten or so hits, but still).  Even more interesting, the blog stats that WordPress keeps indicates that almost all of these visits are to my review of Grace Potter’s show at Lincoln Center last year.  Even more puzzling, most of these seem to be coming from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals related google searches, yet when I google permutation of these, I don’t get my post on the first five return pages.  What do people think?  Is this a bot or something else? Usually when I get a lot of traffic it’s because a fan site has picked up my review and I get a hundred or so hits on the review for a couple of days and then it peters out.   I wonder what gives.  Matt can’t be responsible for all of these hits.


[Update:  Many thanks to kcortez.  Apparently the image hosted on Rattle My Cage is the number one hit for Grace Potter image searches.  You can checkout kcortez’s excellent Grace Potter site at]


6 responses to “Reveal Yourself Silent Rogue, and Receive Thy Prize

  1. Easy, do a Google Image search for “Grace Potter” and see who comes up first?

    How do I know this? Oh, I have a little Grace Potter website

  2. Forgot to ask, what is my prize?

  3. Hopefully, an above the jump mention and link will do. I have to admit I hadn’t expected a solution! Thanks again!

  4. Well, this post won’t be responsible for ANY hits over at Sound of Blackbirds! The address is wrong!

  5. Fixed. Let the referrals begin!

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