Life on Mars in Morningside Heights

Sometimes life presents you with unexpected dilemmas. For instance, when they’re shooting  Life on Mars on your street corner (and in the dry cleaner you would keep going to if they didn’t keep losing to buttons on every single shirt you bring in there and then replace with buttons that don’t match and then don’t tell you about it) do you go meet with your advisor as planned or do  you wait on the corner for Christopher Moltisanti Michael Imperioli or Mr. White Harvey Keitel to show up.  Sometimes you get a little of both.  Now if only season 7 of Scrubs hadn’t arrived.





One response to “Life on Mars in Morningside Heights

  1. You know, Harvey Keitel once called up WKCR during the Country Music Festival. I believe that he was particularly excited by the Carter Family, but I might be misremembering that part. It was some pre-war country act though.

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