Rambling in the Big Apple

The Red Stick Ramblers at Joe’s Pub – February 27th, 2008


The Red Stick Ramblers

The Red Stick Ramblers

I got the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands from back in Louisiana one night in February this year.  Some of my fondest memories of my time in Baton Rouge were nights when we would all head down to Chelsea’s snack down on some grilled chicken with cheese filled roasted tomatoes and focaccia bread, wash it down with impossibly cheap pitchers of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and then dance the night away to the Red Stick Ramblers.  Those were the days.

The days were also when they would play Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade Eve at Chelsea’s and then in later years as part of a double bill at The Varsity.  They would play in full traditional Mardi Gras get-ups.  That’s what I like about the south. [I feel like I’ve posted about all of this before, but I can’t find it.]

Unfortunately, the beers are not so cheap at Joe’s Pub and there isn’t much room for dancing so this wasn’t quite the same thing.  Some older couples, who I think know the Ramblers from their regular stints at the Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camps really did give it a go.  They played a few older numbers but stuck mostly to their then new record, Made in the Shade, which came out on Sugarhill.  It was good but it wasn’t the same.

After the show we chatted with the band which was staying with Sandy Jenkins and family who host quite the house concert series from what I hear.  While we were talking to Chas Justus, the guitarist, he gave Matt the new record to spin on WKCR and said, “Matt, this is for you to spin.”  I think I joked and said something like “What about me?”  Chas said, “You get one when you get a radio show.”  Then I think he felt bad (or perhaps felt a little bit of that whiskey he’d been drinking) and ran back and got me my very own copy of Made in the Shade.  Thanks Chas!

I have some so-so video from the night.  If I can figure out how to convert it to a format that Quicktime can understand I’ll post it, but don’t hold your breath.


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