Pajamas, Pillow Fights, and Whole Pints of Ice cream

Girl Talk at Terminal 5 – November 18th, 2008


On the third Tuesday in March November, Telis, Kelly, Alison, and I headed to Terminal 5 (where apparently I’d been living for two weeks) to see the Disney-fied quasi-rave which is Girl Talk.  

A View from the Second Tier (sedate VIP section to the left)

Terminal 5 was more or less the perfect space for this things since it was actually a former warehouse/terminal (right guys?) and the three tiers of dancing gyrating twenty-somethings and teens was something of an overwhelming spectacle.  Greg Gillis also gave the appearance of mixing rap lyrics and beats with rock hooks in the middle of a throbbing mass of dancing concert-goers on stage.  But if you looked closely, you could see that there was actually a semi-circle of body guards/security dressed to “fit in” who allowed some girls inside the area to dance and throw their arms onto Gillis.  You can catch the New York Times review (and a picture of Gills and the aforementioned girls) here.

All Up In It!

Video to come once youtube processes:



One response to “Pajamas, Pillow Fights, and Whole Pints of Ice cream

  1. “The third Tuesday in March”? Time warp.

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