Do You Know Where You Are? You’re in the Mercury Lounge, baby! You’re gonna die!

Mr. Brownstone at the Mercury Lounge – January 1, 2009






Sometimes you go to a show for the finest musicianship that New York has to offer and sometimes you go to pretend that 5 guys in wigs and costumes are actually Guns ‘N’ Roses.  It was in this latter fashion that Paul, Alison and I rung in 2009 with Mr. Brownstone’s 2 a.m. show on January 1.  The show was a complete blast.  Aside from being way, way up front it was a lot what I imagine seeing GNR in a small club might have been like back in the day.  It was really incredible.  They pretended they were GNR.  We pretended they were GNR.  People were reaching for them.  They would straddle the stage amps and have the audience strum their guitars.  And it was all at a million miles a minute from, well, from minute zero (that’s instant acceleration!).   They performed the entirety of Appetite for Destruction and I believe, including the encore, performed at least 3 renditions of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”  Photos and captions are below:

Slash, Axl, and Fake Security

Slash, Axl, and Fake Security

Slash and Axl with “Fake Security” man whose job seemed to be to keep the band well plied with Jack Daniels, then to pour Jack Daniels into the open mouths of the front row, and then I think he played bass.


"Ole Beich"

"Ole Beich" and Axl

“Beich” started at the edge of the stage and progressed forward through the entire concert.


Beich 2

Beich 2



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