Delbert McClinton at B.B. Kings – April 11, 2009

Not Monkeying Around

Four Bananas and a One-Legged Monkey

Four Bananas and a One-Legged Monkey

After a truly excellent meal at Irving Mill, Brent and I headed up to BB Kings to check out Delbert McClinton.  I was expecting the Delbert McClinton of the “Trouble” duet with Iris Dement or his cover of “Pancho and Lefty” off of Poet, the Townes Van Zandt tribute album.  Instead, it was more R&B which I would have known had I done my homework.  The band was obviously tight and Delbert sounded great but for the first four songs I just didn’t feel the magic.

Then Delbert played “Read Me My Rights” off of Nothing Personal.  The flip was switched, my friends.  He blew the roof off and it was clear skies for the rest of the night.  Below is what I caught of the rest of the set.  The song “titles” are what I caught from the chorus probably:


1 – 4) ??

5) Read Me My Rights

6) New York City

7) People Just Love to Talk

8) Two More Bottles of Wine – I know this from Emmy Lou Harris’s album Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town.  Great song. Captures the sentiment perfectly.

9) Monkey Around

10) ??

11) Thought I Got Something Right

12) Rita’s Gone

13) ??

14) Lovin’ You?

15) Things Like That

16) The Jealous Kind

17) You Are My Sunshine


18)  I’m With You

19) Every Time I Roll?

20) Take Me to the River

21) Give it Up for Your Love


22) Sending Me Angels

Oh, and I should mention that we were sitting behind four very boisterous women from Long Island wearing all sorts of banana and monkey paraphernalia.  They called themselves Four Bananas and a One Legged Monkey referring, I think to the fact that they were a little crazy and that the gentleman with them had, in fact, one leg.  They were a riot and, as the photo demonstrates are adept at their own PR.


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