Vampire Weekend and Talib Kweli at Columbia University – April 18th, 2009B


B-Horror Meets B-Boys


Crowd of Columbians

Crowd of Columbians


 The 18th was Columbia’s Spring Fling equivalent — they call it Bachanal I think — and unlike past years where I there was just one performer (Ghostface Killah and Common for instance) this year had two:  Columbia alums Vampire Weekend came with their Ivy League pop sound and Talib Kweli brought his solid rhymes and subtly impressive stage show.   There were serious crowds out for the show–not doubt because of VW’s recent status as undergrads.  Though the energy for their set wasn’t quite what I remembered from the show of theirs I saw at Terminal 5 it was still a good set.  It’s important to keep in mind, however, that shows at Columbia aren’t quite like shows anywhere else as this book on the steps in front of the stage indicates.


Talib Kweli put on just as great a show as I remembered from when I saw him several years ago with Mos Def.  He also informed us that his brother teaches at Columbia — at the law school as I was informed.  One of the most enjoyable parts of the show was when he invited some undergrads onto the stage to dance.  A couple of guys pulled some impressive moves and when it came to a girl’s turn she just ran over to Kweli and gave him a big hug and then ran back.  It could have been annoying but it was pretty adorable.  You might be able to make out some of the dancers in the shot below.  All in all it was probably of the best showing I’ve seen at Columbia’s spring concert.



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