Someone Cover Those Gentlemen!

The good Andy Bean once again uses Facebook to inform us of the latest developments at the intersection of The Gentlemen and YouTube.  In this case we have a cover of their presidential ode, William Howard Taft by “the Slurpy Time Jiggaboos, members of the Black Death All Stars.”

And the Two Man Gentleman Band original:


4 responses to “Someone Cover Those Gentlemen!

  1. I’ll take the original.

    Are they drinking Woodford Reserve in that video?

  2. As will I.

    They most certainly are. It must be because of the old timey look because we all know Knob Creek is superior.

  3. Puh-leeze… The Gentlemen are men of exquisite taste. Only the finest will do. None of that Knob Creek burn for them: that’s for ruffians and hooligans.

  4. No comparison! The Gentlemen Rule!

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