Today in Anthony Da Costa

A couple of weekends ago Matt, Alison and I went to see Anthony Da Costa at the Postcrypt Folk Festival.  Matt provides a nice recap of the day and a little history of the even here.  It was well worth the trip uptown.  One thing that I can’t figure out though, is the title of the cover (I think) that Abbie Gardner joined him for (see Matt’s review).  I’m pretty sure that the lyric “I am not afraid to love you” came up several times and I could swear it was a Ryan Adams song but my internet searching is proving futile.  Is this an ADC original I’m forgetting?  Any insight would be most appreciated.  [Update:  The lyric is “I am not afraid of nothing.”]

But his recent NYC appearance is not all.  Anthony informs us via his email list that his new album  “Not Afraid of Nothing” which he is co-producing with John Elliott a.k.a The Hereafter on July 18th with a CD release show at the Living Room to celebrate. Also, Anthony also brings us some good news for his frequent collaborator and Red Molly member, Abbie Gardner:

Abbie Gardner of Red Molly, just won the Lennon Award for the Folk Category of the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Competition!  I’m super psyched for her!  She won for her song “Mind of A Soldier”, which can be found on her myspace, as well as on Red Molly’s “Love and Other Tragedies” album.  Among the prizes was a 1,000 disc package from DiscMakers, which will help her make her next solo record!

Red Molly also has a show May 12th at the Living Room.  It’s good times for Folk, people.

[Update:  The missing song was “I Am Way Too Much.”  Video below.  The familiarity with the song was definitely from the several times I’ve seen Anthony and Abbie over the past year or two.  Thanks to Dennis da Costa for the info in the comment section.]

[Update 2:  Pictures below]

Anthony at Postcrypt Folk Festival

Anthony and Emily Brodsky doing "Chelsea Hotel"


One response to “Today in Anthony Da Costa

  1. While I wasn’t there, my spies tell me Anthony and Abbie performed “I Am Way Too Much”, a song from his upcoming record, that features the lyrics, “I am not afraid of nothing; I’m just afraid of time. There’s a monster under every bed, every hill is a climb, even love can be a crime.” Link to a video of the song:

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