Two Man Music Making Employment Strong in Weak Economy!

Matt at The Sound of Blackbirds reminds me that I have been remiss in reporting on our favorite makers of two man music, The Two Man Gentlemen Band.  Matt reports via the Gentlemen’s Blog and Email Letter:

The Two Man Gentlemen Band have just announced that they will be part of The Bob Dylan Show for three dates this summer. This Friday, they play at Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio, and then on Saturday at Classic Park in Eastlake, Ohio. And then on the last day of July, Bob and the Gentlemen will be playing at the Amphitheater at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama.

All of the shows feature Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp in addition to Bob Dylan and the Gents. The Gentlemen will be playing as a quartet.

I know that Andy Bean likes his minor league ballparks, so I bet that Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp are only part of the thrill. And I bet that Willie would love to guest on a slightly slowed-down version of “When Your Lips are Playing My Kazoo.” [TSOB]

I’ll be up in Vermont for the eponymously named Brewers’ Festival that weekend.  Word is that we’ll also be catching thetwo-man-gentlemen-band-albuDylan/Nelson/Mellencamp tour with the Wiyos opening.  Sadly this means that I’ll be missing the Gentlemen.  In a dastardly twist of fate The Gents will be in Vermont on the 17th, but I will be at the aforementioned Dylan/Nelson show.  The next night is the Gentlemen’s only show in New York City on July 18th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn but I will be celebrating brewers.


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