Garage Banjo

AltOhio recently interviewed Andy Bean of the Two Man Gentlemen Band.  I particularly liked this question and answer since I find the TMGB project to be quite deliberately conceived.  It speaks to the power of evolution, a strong base off of which to work, and perseverance.

AltOhio – I wanted to ask, obviously with the act you’ve put together in terms of sound and look, you’ve almost put together a method band. Obviously you weren’t just two kids in a garage with a guitar, obviously there was much more of a thought process to this.

Andy Bean – Not really. We were the two kids in a garage with a guitar, years ago that was us, and then we wanted to do it more on our terms. So, we started street performing around New York City about four years ago. We figured if we dressed up we’d make a little bit more money. Then, of course, (laughing) we got a little more into it. To answer your question, though, not too much thought in the beginning. The act really developed pretty slowly, we started out more country/rockabilly at first, and then we got into old time jazz.

You can access the full interview here.


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