Dangerous at Bowery Ballroom – August 1st, 2009


Making Dangerous Happen

On Saturday Matt and Sarah and I headed from the most excellent XO in Chinatown to the Bowery Ballroom for the all metal tribute to Michael Jackson which is Dangerous.  After seeing Satanicide a few months ago I was pretty sure we were in for an irreverent but energetic evening.  At the same time there was a little bit of trepidation as well.  Satanicide wasn’t exactly gentle when it came to its ironic commentary on metal so I was a little nervous about the type of humor that was sure to be in the show.  As it turned out some gags definitely pushed the envelope, some were clever, and some made me cringe.

The entire band was in costume and the crowd favorite might have been keytar player and multi-instrumentalist “Neverland Raunch” who wore leather chaps and not much else.  The night was filled with special guests including an Axl Rose (not of Mr. Brownstone, the GNR tribute band), Tammy Fay Starlight, Vixen Neal of Girls! Girls! Girls, the Motley Crue tribute band, Slash (perhaps of Mr. Brownstone), and several others including one female vocalist who did a killer version of Smooth Criminal.  The show ended with We Are the World done in true ensemble style with the crowd eventually on the stage.

Set list below:

  • Thriller
  • Rock with You
  • Off the Wall (?)
  • Don’t Stop till you Get Enough
  • Billie Jean – w/ Vixen Neil of Girls! Girls! Girls!
  • Black and White
  • Smooth Criminal – Amazing guest vocalist on this one.  Don’t know who she was
  • I’ll be There (with a nice foray into Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’)
  • Bad
  • Beat It – The guitar soloist on Beat It, we were told was the guy that did all the guitar shredding on Beavis and Butthead and his solo made my jaw drop.
  • Encore: We are the World

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