A Different Shade of Red

Big news in the local folk scene today.  The female trio, Red Molly, announced that founding member, Carolann Solebello will no longer perform with the group as they pursue a more nationally focused touring schedule.  The meat of the announcement that they sent out by email today is below:

“Many of you have commented on how much Red Molly is growing – playing larger venues, touring nationally, etc.  It’s true we’re getting lots of nice offers, and are eager to see how far we can go!  As Red Molly’s calendar shifts toward extended national tours, Carolann will no longer perform with the band, but will instead pursue solo opportunities that allow for greater balance between the two loves of her life – family and music.  Her final appearance with Red Molly will be in late July, at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  Carolann invites anyone who wishes to stay in touch, or sign up on her e-mail list, to visit www.carolannsolebello.com.

We’re excited to announce that Austin-based singer/songwriter Molly Venter will be joining Red Molly!  Molly first caught Abbie’s attention as a New Folk Finalist at the 2008 Kerrville Folk Festival.  Laurie and Carolann met Molly for the first time in June 2008, when Molly opened for Red Molly in Arlington, VA, and both were stunned by the beauty and power of her voice.  That first opening slot led to eight more opening slots (in GA, AL, MI, OH, and MA), where Molly won over Red Molly’s audiences night after night, with her gorgeous singing and undeniable charm.”


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